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Shore Shelf

The Only Tray
You Can Travel With



Shore Shelf is a unique, foldable tray & clamp set that quickly & easily attaches onto your chair to keep items (drink, phone, etc.) sand-free, secure and within reach.

Shore Shelf is the only portable tray that attaches to any chair or table frame. 

Simple to connect in three easy steps, Shore Shelf weighs 1 pound, yet durable to hold up to 5lbs, making it easy to pack and take it with you to any location. From the backyard, the beach, to cruises, wheelchairs and more, Shore Shelf’s versatile design is the perfect outdoor/indoor accessory that keeps your beverage, phone, book, etc., securely within reach and off the ground.


Enhance your experience by visiting our Shop to select the Shore Shelf color that fits your style.

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